Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Five months down the road less traveled

I feel a need to move on from 'Lost in February.' It's nearing the end of June and we're five months down the road now. Rather than resent time lost - I'm looking more to lessons learned. The first one being, gratitude. Gratitude for many things: having a car, able to afford petrol to travel to the hospital & back every day for two months, a loving supporting family, two loving sons - wonderful, caring step children and good friends. But mainly, I'm truly grateful for the life of my husband.

The second important thing I've learned, is patience. Patience only came after much frustration. And when patience arrived, it was quite sudden, and almost tangible - like a precious gift placed upon me. Suddenly,  I was no longer desperately trying to speed up his recovery, which I couldn't anyway. But when patience appeared, recovery accompanied it. Now it's just a matter of time... and.... patience.

He's certainly much tougher than I ever thought; and much braver than the fictional hero's that live in my head. He's regained his voice, good looks, and also a little weight. 

Yesterday he had his fist cup of tea in five months. This morning we shared tea together - it was sheer delight. 

I'm all gushing but he's very reserved. He thinks before he speaks - I don't. He takes everything in his stride, while I battle all the way.  

I've learned to love, accept, let go, play, laugh, cry, and not to take myself too seriously. But above everything else, I believe I've learned a little more about the importance of prayer and how much I need to incorporate it into my daily life.  

Thank you, dear Twitter pals, for your support and friendship, and making me laugh when I felt like crying.