Friday, 5 August 2011

About Me

I fell in love with writing many years ago; a secret pastime I elected not to share with anyone - until now.

After leaving school I completed a three year apprenticeship at a local hairdressing salon - a training that served me well financially for twenty years. Then, one winter, I attended an introductory course in psychotherapy; I loved it. I finished hairdressing and worked as a carpet salesperson whilst studying to be a psychotherapist. After qualifying I practised CBT, (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) and Person Centred psychotherapy from home. When writing my first novel, Language of Thieves, my psychotherapy training was a great help to me.

My mother was a Gypsy. Sadly, it was only after her death that I pondered her history. She was a gentle woman with a rich, colourful past: a past steeped in tradition that was awaiting my exploration. Thanks to my mother, I possess the knowledge of a culture that both intrigues and exasperates the non-gypsy community.

My father was a non-gypsy. I was raised amid the two cultures. I hovered precariously - sandwiched between both; never quite certain where my loyalties lay. But today, I take immense pleasure in the knowledge that Gypsy blood courses through my veins. It's my ancestral inheritance that teaches me the usage of herbs; that sings while I work - and laughs while I play.  This dual culture spurred me to write Language of Thieves. I hope you enjoy it.

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